Oca 28, 2020

A pregnant dog was hit by a car, and the joints in her legs were injured. As she…

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A pregnant dog was hit by a car, and the joints in her legs were injured. As she began to heal, she dragged her back legs. When she had her puppies, the owner noticed something peculiar, her puppies were also dragging their back legs. He took them to the local vet to find out if maybe they were injured during the accident, but the vet found nothing wrong with their back legs. The Vet said in fact, those puppies were walking that way, dragging their back legs, ONLY BECAUSE it’s what they saw and watched their mother do.
How many of us are still dragging our back legs because of the examples we saw modeled in front of us? As children, teens, adults?
Expecting to be poor your whole life? Dragging your back legs.
Accepting abuse because that’s all you saw? Dragging your back legs.
Stuck in mediocrity, never believing to go further? Dragging your back legs.
Working a career that pays the bills but doesn’t fulfill you? Staying home even though you want to travel? Keeping people around that take advantage of you? All dragging your back legs.
Just because that’s all you’ve seen does not mean it’s all that’s possible for you. It begins within. Switch up the perspective. Change your mindset. Stop allowing the wrong mindsets and poor examples to keep you in a low vibrational pattern. Nothing’s wrong with your back legs, so stop dragging them. You can walk upon the strength of your own two feet! .

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